Office Upstairs

A Doctor's Journey

Charles H. Banov M.D.

"Office Upstairs" The Book

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About the Author

Charles H. Banov, MD, was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and has lived there most of his life, though he has also traveled and taught in more than seventy-five countries. He emphatically denies that trouble follows him, though he has in fact been imprisoned by rebels in Venezuela, threatened by drug lords in Peru and followed by Soviet Union intelligence officers in Moscow.

A graduate of Emory University and the Medical College of South Carolina in Charleston, Dr. Banov is a fellow of many national and international medical societies, including the American Academy of Allergy, the American College of Physicians and the American College of Chest Physicians. He has served as president of the American College of Allergy and of Interasma, the international organization of world asthma and chest physicians. The Boy Scouts of America presented him with a prestigious medical award, though to his chagrin they took it back, as he was only twelve years old at the time and therefore ineligible. He has not yet recovered from the disappointment.

Dr. Banov has lectured on the subject of allergies throughout the world, though a Moscow audience once confused his comments on cat allergies with off-color remarks about the sitting American president. A television reporter excitedly encouraged him to further discuss ragweed allergies while her own throat was closing up from severe anaphylaxis.

With his wife Nancy Leopold Banov, Dr. Banov has raised four children, one of whom, Pamela, has survived with Rett Syndrome, a severe developmental disorder. Nancy founded the South Carolina Society for Autistic Children, and both she and Dr. Banov have testified before the United States Congress on the subject of special-needs children. They remain vigorous advocates for persons with disabilities.

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