Office Upstairs

A Doctor's Journey

Charles H. Banov M.D.

"Office Upstairs" The Book

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About the Book

An internationally prominent physician recalls the beginnings and progress of his 50-year career- from naive medical student and Navy physician to small-town doctor. Dr. Charles Banov looks back with honesty and humor at growing up a Jew in the racist South and opening the first doctor’s office in a tiny Texas town.

This is an absorbing collection of stories from nearly a half-century of treating patients, rising to the top of international professional associations, and traveling the world. Dr. Banov remembers professors who instilled a love of medicine and patients who taught him to respect human dignity. He also reveals his struggles – as a father of a special needs child and as a volunteer during several natural disasters.

The drama, humor and humanity of Dr. Banov’s many years as a practicing physician will enrich and inspire medical students, health care professionals and people everywhere who want to make a difference in their communities.

Table of Contents

A Memorable Walk
Chapter 1:
The Early Years: Growing Up in the South
Chapter 2:
Medical School and Beyond
Chapter 3:
You’re in the Navy Now
Chapter 4:
Training to Be a Real Doctor
Chapter 5:
Hanging up the Shingle
Chapter 6:
Foreign Adventures
Chapter 7:
A Community of Special People
Chapter 8:
Wheezes, Sneezing and Itches
Chapter 9:
Now It Can Be Told
Chapter 10:
Hurricanes and Bioterrorism:Doctor First, Old Man Last
Return to Pettus
About the Author
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